The No-Permit, Affordable Indoor space!

There is no faster way to add usable indoor space. If you know of something better, please tell us! We've seen it all. What you get is a structure that is insulated and painted the moment you stand it up! Other buildings come unfinished, so you have the time and money of finishing it that we don't have.

Metal SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) construction offers a multitude of benefits that make it an excellent choice for building projects. Firstly, metal SIPs provide exceptional thermal insulation, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs. Additionally, these panels offer superior strength and durability, providing a robust structure that can withstand extreme weather conditions and resist pests. Metal SIPs are also highly resistant to fire, making them a safer option for construction. Moreover, the installation process is quick and efficient, allowing for time and cost savings. These panels can be easily customized to fit various architectural designs and can accommodate a range of finishes, ensuring flexibility in construction. Lastly, metal SIPs are environmentally friendly, using recyclable materials and reducing carbon footprints. Overall, metal SIP construction offers numerous advantages, making it a reliable and sustainable choice for any building project.

You may not need a permit if you qualify. You save a ton of money. If you need a permit, most households qualify for special exemptions or accommodation under the Fair Housing Act. Another option we have is a special building system that is fully permitted for housing construction and ADU's, even commercial construction.

I need a permit....?


Off-grid living has really taken-off in popularity and we've helped a lot of people move into an off-grid structure that is easy to implement. We have suggestions for toilets and showers that are easy and affordable. Talk to Dan....he's done it. Many times. Off-grid living is cheaper than ever.