NO PERMIT Required

Most of our customers build any size they want without permit. Most households qualify for special exemptions under the Fair Housing Act. Or, if you are using your building for "daytime use only" then really you shouldn't worry. Office, storage, "playroom." You shouldn't limit your size to what you think your city or county will allow without permit, because nobody cares, unless you have a nosy neighbor. Do your neighbors not like you?


4/1/20241 min read

Need extra space? An extra bedroom? A place for mom or a family member moving back home? An Office space? Affordable housing is a big issue right now. What you need is something fast, affordable, insulated, and finished inside and out, ready to use. Most other "sheds" require significant costs to complete and make livable. Ours on the other hand, save you money and are ready to use in a few hours of assembly.